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Philis Network Design
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Network Design

At Philis Enterprise, we understand that network design is pivotal in the secure and successful delivery of IT services. Therefore, we help businesses design robust WAN, LAN, and wireless networks that enable secure and efficient voice communication and data exchange across the organization.
Using our expertise and experience, we help businesses make an intelligent network choice that suits their budget and preferences and incurs minimal risk and costs. Leveraging our experience of designing wireless solutions for hundreds of sites for location and voice purposes, we can prevent and resolve undesirable consequences, such as floor hopping and voice interruptions.
In addition to this, the experts at Philis Enterprise provide server room design services as well, offering you all the software and hardware resources you need to build a custom server room that will fulfill your needs today and tomorrow.
Philis Wi-Fi Site Surveys
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Wi-Fi Site Surveys

Leveraging our experience of conducting Wi-Fi site surveys, we help businesses with the process of planning and designing a wireless network that offers their desired coverage, network capacity, data rates, and quality of service. We use the Real Time Location System (RTLS) to offer managers unprecedented visibility into the location, condition, and usage of their assets.
Unlike other companies offering Wi-Fi site survey solutions, our experts go beyond just verifying the coverage of your wireless network. Instead, we use our experience and expertise to help you gauge the actual performance of your communication network in terms of speed and throughput.
Philis Data Centers
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Data Centers

We specialize in the design of data center network architecture that is capable of fulfilling the dynamic IT requirements of a technology-driven business. Our experts use their tried and tested data center network design solutions to plan, design, and implement networks that fulfill the scalability, security, and functionality requirements of a mission-critical data center.
Providing data center network design services for over 25 years, our experts adopt a unique approach towards network design that ensures quick deployment with minimal risk and complexity.
The Philis SaaS - GSN system
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Real time, reliable and fully automated system for remote temperature and humidity monitoring. Based on cloud technology, our system are the most accurate in the market with ultra high digital precision of temperature ±0.1ºC and humidity of ±1.5% RH.
Easy to install and use. There is absolutely nothing technical or complicated. Simply, mount the device, set your parameters and you’re set. For increased comfort, the system can be programmed in the language of your choice as it is multilingual. Just press the button, and you will get the required information anytime and anywhere on your device..
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Philis Project Management
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Project Management

To reduce the likelihood of a network project overrunning the budget, Philis Enterprise offers project management services as well. In addition to being well-versed in technical aspects of network design, our experts use their experience and their project management expertise to ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery of your project.
From evaluating your current infrastructure and determining the scope of the project to making purchasing decisions, ordering equipment, and completing the paperwork, we take care of the entire process, ensuring you a pleasant, trouble-free experience of working with Philis Enterprise.
Philis - Industrial Automation and SCADA
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Industrial Automation and SCADA

At Philis Enterprise Ltd., we help clients operating across a vast spectrum of industries reap the benefits of process control and develop an automation and control system that works for their business. Specializing in the development and deployment of SCADA solutions, our experts use their expertise to help businesses explore and exploit better and more efficient methods of data collection, information analysis, and process control.
Our future-proof industrial automation and SCADA solutions offer you a wide range of latest features, including, SSL technology, real-time control, modular architecture, server-based licensing, and web-based, cross-platform deployment.
We have extensive experience with the following HMI and SCADA platforms:
• DeltaV - Distributed Control System
• AspenTech suite
• OpenVector - Gas Pipeline Control and SCADA
• Wizcon HMI and SCADA
• Wonderware
Philis Implementation of STANLEY MobileView
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STANLEY MobileView

AeroScout, later STANLEY Healthcare, has been KLAS category leader for Real-Time Location Systems for over 15 years
We offer the complete implementation cycle, from solution design, case study, site survey and implementation of all MobileView modules.
We can also offer our fully redundant load balancer, especially designed for AeroScout positioning engine and MobileView supporting up to 128 nodes. In addition, we have our custom bi-directional API integration, which can exchange data with many third part systems.
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We are providing a wide range of highly qualified specialists
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At Philis Enterprise, we offer networking management outsourcing services, helping businesses ensure the security and performance of their network at all times in a cost-effective manner.
Our experienced professionals take care of all the tasks associated with network management, including the configuration of firewalls, proxies, and controls to offer you complete transparency and control. Using our expertise, we protect your critical corporate data from all external and internal threats and improve the security and auditability of your network.

We are helping Your business

At Philis Enterprise, we believe that every modern business needs a good, productive and well-protected computer infrastructure, application services that reduce staff workload and help you with your daily tasks.
We understand that your businesses operate with different requirements and methods, so we offer you great flexibility.

Professional design

Proper design to address your exact needs so that it is most useful to you. To ensure best performance, scalability, redundancy and security.

Cost effective

We will find the best manufacturers and solutions for you to fit your budget and needs. We will provide you with a solution that suits all aspects of your business in the short term.

Turnkey Solution

To guarantee our high quality performance, as well as to make it easy for you with annoying manage many contractors, you will communicate to just one vendor for entire solution.

Transparent Strategy

We assist by reducing your workload and completing any delegated tasks, projects or contracts. Easy to follow, find bottlenecks and get proper responses making it fast & convenient.